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12/19/09 12:33 am - centopiedi - Top Chef S06E16 - Reunion

The .avi has been split into two parts which can be re-joined using HJSplit: Part 1 & Part 2

10/8/09 11:16 am - poco_a_poco - Top Chef: Dinner Party

I always get a little bored toward the middle of the season, but last night's episode of Top Chef was pretty good.  Here is the full run-down and review over at JoeOnTheTube.

9/24/09 03:13 pm - poco_a_poco - Top Chef: Penn & Teller

I LOVE TOP CHEF!  I LOVE PENN & TELLER!  What could be better than putting the two of them together?  Not much.  here is the full run down with some random thoughts over at JoeOnTheTube.com

9/17/09 04:30 pm - poco_a_poco - Top Chef: Camping and an Interview with Chef Tim Love from Top Chef Masters and Top Chef last night

Another great episode.  I have a full run-down of last night's episode with commentary here. and a very cool interview with Celebrity Chef Tim Love who was on Top Chef Masters and was the guest judge on last night Top Chef episode here.

9/3/09 10:39 am - poco_a_poco - Top Chef: One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four

Potatoes and Thunderbirds.  Another great episode of Top Chef, and we even got an extra 15 minutes.  Full rundown and thoughts here.

8/28/09 10:34 am - poco_a_poco - Top Chef: Bachelor/Bachelorette

Another great episode.  I really think that Vegas is the perfect place to make this show.  I love the way they are working it into each episode so far.  Here is my full run-down so as to avoid any spoilers: JoeOnTheTube.

8/19/09 12:10 pm - poco_a_poco - Top Chef Starts Tonight. Are You Excited?

Top Chef Masters was an ok distraction to pass the time, but I'm really excited Top Chef is back for season 6.  I'm watched all the previews, the videos, and red the bios and here are my picks for the top 8.

7/20/09 02:47 pm - poco_a_poco - Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi is Headed to a Sitcom Near You

It's true, Padma is developing a sitcom with NBC.  What do you think?  Here's the full article here.
Hey, don't get me wrong, I love to watch Padma do anything, but I don;t know if she's funny enough for comedy.

6/18/09 07:51 am - poco_a_poco - Top Chef Masters... it makes me miss Top Chef

It's just still not as good.  It was good seeing Wylie, but damn I miss Tom and Padma.  Here's my full rundown and post here: JoeOnTheTube.

6/25/08 03:14 pm - ramona_untitled - newbie!

hello, people!

i am a relative newby to Top Chef. i watched seasons 2 and 4 only, but not for lack of trying.

i noticed that there wasn't a community for Richard (S4), so i made one of my own.

feel free to pop by, lurk, and hopefully even join.

i would love to see you there!
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